Sponsors That Helped To Expand Our Network

When Castaway first started as a voiceover studio, we only had a small handful of talented people working with us. As time went on, we were able to expand and recruit even more gifted individuals. See: Internaional Voices.

This then led to us investing in new technology allowing us to create the best work possible and for our clients to see the real potential of our employees.

The Amazing Help

We’d like to take a moment to thank everybody who has been a part of this journey and to those who have sponsored us throughout the years.

Below is a list of those who are kindly sponsoring us in 2017 so we can continue to create amazing work. Get in touch.

Please Note: not every one of the companies that are listed below have worked with us, but we are hoping to in the near future.

Wrappz –

Wrappz are experts in creating and designing personalised items including phone cases and gits.

Customers are able to add text and photos to any item on the Wrappz site, allowing them to create a master piece of their own. Check out their work.

For many years now Wrappz have sponsored us allowing us to purchase more advanced equipment, meaning our team can work much more efficiently.

Farfetch –

Farfetch are a leading provider of luxury and designer clothes within the UK, as well as shipping to over 190 countries. Read more about Farfetch.

The sponsors that are generated from Farfetch also go towards providing Castaway with the latest technology so we can create the very best.

Lead Generation –

Lead Generation are specialists within the marketing solutions sector. They provide advice for businesses and individuals to help improve their sales. Find out more.

The grants from LG allow us to have numerous studios over the UK, meaning we can create business relationships with local clients.

Audio Network

Audio Network are also in the same industry as us at Castaway. They supply music on different levels to various countries across the world, this includes the UK, USA and Germany.

Audio Network work alongside us by giving us advice to further our potential and to reach those in other countries.

Please contact us if you’d like to be apart of our sponsor scheme.