Ladies Voiceovers

Paula Wilcox (25-40)
Straight-talking, no-nonsense style – a feisty, talented actress with “attitude” !

Sally Wallis (20-35)
Glorious comedic style. Warmth and vitality & great range of accents.

Joanna Wake (45-65)
A range of ages, and some superb dialects

Meera Syal (25-40)
Midlands-born. Famous TV face. Great comedy style & accents galore.

Judy Sweeney (25-40)
SCOTTISH: Rich & gravelly voice, with humour & compassion.

Nina Sosanya (20-35)
Black African, London, Caribbean – energetic, warm, hugely versatile

Shireen Shah (25-45)
INDIAN language & accents. Clear, cool and perfect English.

Carol Royle(30-45)
A gifted actress, with a warm, friendly and calm approach.

Tracy-Ann Oberman (20-35)
TV comedy actress with amazing range. Smooth, relaxed, multi-talented.

Gina McKee (25-40)
GEORDIE: Renowned actress. Light & calm, soothing, and natural.

Emily Joyce (25-40)
Charming, bubbly TV actress, irreverent and confident style.

Anna Barry (50-70)
Warm and sincere. A reassuring older, authoritative voice.

Eiry Hughes (18-30)
Fluent in WELSH. Youthful, comedic and very versatile.

Tamsin Hollo (20-35)
AMERICAN: Light, friendly & vivacious. Popular US narrator.

Ruthie Henshall (25-40)
The popular West End star. Fabulous diction. Smooth and stylish.

Helen Fraser (40-60)
Native Lancastrian, highly experienced actress with enormous versatility.

Sharon Duce (30-45)
Friendly, natural, unaffected & warm. Sheffield-born.

Emily Dormer (12-25)
Young and bubbly, naturally childlike. Light teens voice.

Niamh Daly (20-35)
Dublin-born: Light humorous touch and range of Irish accents.

Liz Carling(25-40)
Warm & sultry, funny & charming. Middlesbrough-born.

Jenny Bryce (10-25)
Clarity and diction, combined with a facility to go VERY young.

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