Male Voices

Michael McKell (25-40)
Modern and cool, with high-energy range of characters.

William Wilde (45-65)
Smooth, gravelly with strength & depth, yet a lyrical quality.

Steve Tompkinson (25-40)
GEORDIE/LANCS. voice. Distinctive enthusiastic & friendly approach.

David Tennant (18-35)
SCOTTISH: Amazing versatility, youthful & a wealth of characters.

Struan Rodger (30-50)
Honeyed tones, vast range of dialects. Fabulous narrator.

Martin Ball (25-40)
A pleasing, warm voice, medium to deep, with a light touch for comedy.

Jeff Rawle (30-50)
Friendly style and quirky characters. A great narrator.

Nigel Pilkington (15-30)
Young and cheeky, a skilled improviser. Lancs.-born.

Paul Panting (18-30)
Youth and vitality. Cartoon character voices a speciality.

Philip McGough (40-60)
Ranges from warm and sympathetic to cynical or sinister.

Gerard Logan (20-35)
Lively young London, plus excellent RP, and soft Irish.

Chris Langham (35-50)
Deep brown voice with sardonic wit. Fabulous timing.

Lennie James (20-35)
Velvety smooth. All black voices available. Warmth & simplicity.

Tim Howar (20-35)
AMERICAN: Zany, totally energetic, incredible speed.

Jonathan Hart (20-35)
Natural, youthful & enthusiastic. Droll, observant characters.

Tim Hardy (40-60)
Smooth & sincere, with great warmth. Fabulous narrator.

Garrick Hagon (35-55)
AMERICAN: Strong melodious voice & enormous range.

Tim Beckmann (25-40)
AMERICAN with a light, friendly tone and range of styles.

Iain Glen (25-45)
Classic, distinctive, surprisingly comedic. SCOTS-born.

Maurice Gleeson (30-45)
S.IRISH. Strength & depth. Humorous. Medical background.

Tim Flavin (25-40)
AMERICAN. Great performer. Energy & versatility.

Kieran Creggan (20-35)
N.IRISH. Light & friendly, warm & whimsical

Michael Burrell (40-60)
“Country” and elderly voices a speciality. Multi-faceted.

Paul Broughton (35-55)
SCOUSER: natural, friendly & rich with character & humour.

Robert Booth (40-60)
Rich & deep, gravelly yet sexy. Authority with a light touch.

Hugh Bonneville (30-45)
A rich, fruity voice, and a great line in self-deprecating humour.

Mark Bonnar (20-35)
Friendly SCOTTISH voice with strength, vitality & enthusiasm.

Bill Bingham (40-60)
Warm & smooth, factual and friendly with natural charm

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