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Technocrats are individuals with technical training and occupations who perceive many important societal problems as being solvable with the applied use of. The technocracy movement was a social movement active in the United States and Canada in the s which favored technocracy as a system of government over. A technocracy is a political entity ruled by experts (technocrats) that are selected or appointed by some higher authority. Technocrats are, supposedly. technocracy, government by technicians who are guided solely by the imperatives of their technology. The concept developed in the United States early in the. general, technocracy has been taken to mean the gove control) of society by scientists, technicians, or engineer the exercise of political authority by. The Technocratic Convergence of Humans and Data. Daniel Broudy* and Makoto Arakaki. Department of English Communication, Okinawa Christian. In order to understand what technocracy means for the location of politics, we can think of two related notions: determinism and moral luck. Driven by the need to address a genuine public health threat, a technocracy is arguably more agile, more responsive in coordinating. Setting a new benchmark for studies of technocracy, this book shows that a solution to the challenge of populism will depend as much on a technocratic. The technocratic dimension of government—its reliance upon knowledge claims, usually in scientific guise—is of great importance if we wish.


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