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Head over heels definition is - in or as if in a somersault: helter-skelter. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of. head over heels (in love) definition: 1. completely in love 2. completely in love 3. completely in love with another person. Learn more. Example: Jack fell head over heels in love with Rose and wanted to spend every minute of the day with her. Where does head over heels come from? "Head over Heels" is a song recorded by British band Tears for Fears for their second studio album Songs from the Big Chair (). The song was released in. The phrase head over heels typically means to love someone very much. Contents [hide]. 1 Head Over Heels Meaning; 2 Origin of. EnglishEdit. EtymologyEdit. Attested from the 14th century onwards, originally as heels over head, which better rendered the notion of things being upside. Definition of HEAD OVER HEELS (phrase): with your head down and feet up; used about loving someone very much. The cascading horizontal lacerations to the ribs, femurs, tibias on both the anterior and posterior planes, like he was falling head over heels. You can use "head over heels" in contexts other than love; however, as "head over that means the same thing is "head over teacups". Chromeo really feels like they've fully matured with this album. Every single track is a well composed funky groove that will keep your head bobbing and your.


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