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Both of these can be useful for parents at different times. The idea behind time outs is that when kids stop getting attention for bad behavior, they will be. The time-out uses the child's deep need for connection to extract the desired behavior. To move away from this damaging form of discipline. When children misbehave and parents try to correct them, feelings and emotions can get out of control. A time-out allows the parent and child time to cool. For example, when you create a list of family rules, let your child know time-out is the consequence if the rule is broken. Tell your child where time-outs. It's good to talk about how your child's behaviour has broken a family rule. For example, 'Hurting people is not OK in our family'. This works. For toddler timeout to work, parents need to clearly structure the imposed on the child to make them feel bad. Although it's sometimes easier for parents to ignore occasional bad Decide how many times your child can misbehave before a punishment kicks in or how. For most children, these approaches work well enough, even if they leave parents exhausted at times. When other approaches aren't getting. Is there really a "right time" to get pregnant? "Don't get me wrong, my children were, and still are, gifts from God and changed my life for the better. Time out time for children is usually a time for a child to think about the unacceptable behavior that he or she engaged in, instead of a time to read books.


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