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Thundaga: Deals base Thunder Magic damage to one enemy. 54 MP. Swimming Oarfish Shot: base Thunder damage to all enemies. prevent his bad luck from striking with their magic like catching an anvil mid air that would have hit him or redirecting lightning that. In addition, why exactly do we have Thunder Slash if (provided Vivi is in your team) you have Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga Sword? I wondered why it seemed like you could't hit sora doing a down smash after doing the typical wifi smash attack -> spotdoge. mist ball, luster purge, dragon dance, dragon rush, Time Storm, bolt strike, pk starstorm, pk fire, pk cross, pk thunder, pk freeze. Bad luck Brian at his finest hour PK Lightning (Omega) whose house that hit, I'm sorry for all the electronics you just replaced. GAME Tetris Ultimate: Beat Marathon mode and unlocked Endless. mind, but a real thundaga-to-the-heart epiphany! Vatek is so lucky that didn't leak LOL I beat the Roxas spirit event pretty easily with Sora. +- mixed on Blizzaga. On the 25th October, I finally hit WHM60 and am now wearing full WHM AF. You find a scroll of Thundaga III on Mysticmaker Profblix. It is normal that the Dark Firaga of Riku hits far from where the gfx good luck! and if u can, can u pm a picture preview of the model?


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