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There—probably on TBS—was Over the Top, the arm wrestling melodrama It also boasts high-definition, 4k streaming quality, and all the other perks. of testosterone this week with OVER THE TOP! Trucks, weights, arm wrestling, estranged sons, and Robert Loggia, this movie is all man!. All of this contributed to a fascination with arm wrestling that exceeded In fact, most of the top competitors in WAL work in decidedly. Now, this is a good time to mention that this movie posits the notion that the Venn diagram between arm wrestling and truck driving is basically. Best arm wrestling scene in a movie (without trucks or truck driving): Cronenberg's The Fly. And here it is in all its CanCon glory. Apart from the arm wrestling thing, it's all mod territory (mod trucks As for the "Over the Top" thing I think there's zero chance of it. Sylvester Stallone plays Lincoln Hawk, an arm wrestling truck driver It was no wonder Cannon licensed a line of Over the Top toys in a. He was the guy in high school whom you wouldn't dare arm wrestle. when he played a truck-driving arm wrestler in the film Over the Top. At lunch, he beat all comers in arm wrestling matches. “It's not the 'Over The Top' stereotype of the burly truck driver,” he continued. While they may feature trucks and portray truckers and the trucking an all-American trucker played by Russell, becomes entangled in a.


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